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Commissioning done before hardware delivery

The partnership between digifai and Selmo makes it possible

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About digifai

digifai develops software and solutions for digitization in the industry. In the background, the company is a specialist in automation technology and has developed machines and systems and software to simulate them, evaluate data, and reduce commissioning time.

Since the team develops the products and solutions and uses them, the special requirements placed on them are well known. In addition to the technology, user-friendliness is a strong focus.

digifai has been at home in the industry for several decades and knows the special requirements of the products. Their solutions have been used numerous times in practice and have proven themselves in all industry sectors. More about digifai.


Virtual Commissioning

Automation technology

Projekt overview

Project scope

  • 4 Stations
  • 5 Sequences (2 of them in the high-bay
  • warehouse)
  • 261 Zones
  • 274 Steps
  • 87 PLC in- and outputs
  • 12060 Lines of Code
Prozess_01 Prozess_01

Benefits of virtual commissioning

  • Shortened development and commissioning times
  • Increased independence from the physical construction
  • Shortened downtimes and project runtimes
  •  Possibility to test many conditions and scenarios even with complex processes
  •  Saving of expensive prototypes and materials
  •  Location-independent further development of the software possible
  •  Early detection of errors and limitations already during simulation
Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme_01 Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme_01

Fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0

The Fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 is a miniature production plant with four stations. It is designed to make Industrie 4.0 applications easier to understand and grasp thanks to its full functionality, acting like a real machine. The simulation maps an ordering, production, and delivery process in digitized and networked steps. The plant is initially commissioned virtually using the twin simulation software before the real machine is connected.

In the Fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0, workpieces of different colors can be stored in a high-bay warehouse, ordered for processing, and sorted and output. These workpieces are transported using a vacuum gripper.


Collaborative implementation

As part of our successful cooperation with digifai, the full potential of digitization is leveraged through the advanced simulation software twin.

Virtual commissioning allows for the complete testing of programming prior to hardware delivery. This enables you to identify and correct any issues before actual commissioning commences. digifai and Selmo offer unprecedented benefits and enable significant time and cost savings in commissioning industrial plants.This case study shows the smooth implementation of a complete production line with four stations.


Selmo x digifai: Significant time & cost savings

DI Michael Eberle, CTO of digifai, on the change in the market: "Today, machines are built more efficiently and in less time. This is only possible with end-to-end digital engineering. Efficiency in automation technology can only be increased if risks and errors are avoided at the earliest possible stage. The collaboration between the two Austrian companies, Selmo and digifai, is creating completely new approaches in mechanical engineering. Modeling processes and testing machines in a simulated environment enable digital engineering on a new level."


Zeit & Ressourcen sparen

Shortened development and commissioning times


Early detection of errors and limitations already during simulation


Increased independence from the physical construction

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